PLM TrustLinkĀ® when implemented, can improve your business' bottom line, no matter what industry you are in.


Direct to Consumer

  • Globally recognized Smart City with 1M+ Population
Business Challenge:
  • Traffic monitoring in Innovation Center
  • Collecting visitor feedback on key local issues
  • Demonstrating innovative methods for disseminating information on local events and exhibits
  • PLM TrustLink consumer experience platform and digital marker technology
  • Integrated into existing exhibit/display
  • User-friendly dashboard for daily changes to information disseminated and review of collected visitor analytics
  • Low-cost demonstration of RFID capabilities for consumer experience
  • Analytics on visitor sentiment concerning key local issues
Success Story Consumer


  • Leading Global Pooler of Reusable Plastic Containers for Food
Business Challenge:
  • Accuracy and Specificity in Asset Tracking
  • Improve Turns
  • Identify Waste and Loss
  • Productivity 
  • GS1 Compliant UHF Label at Source,  Serialized ID, Batch Digitization
  • CTEs: Production >  Ship > Inspection > Wash > Decommission > Nesting > Receive
  • Hands Free and Handheld Automation Solutions
  • SaaS Mobile App & Web Portal for Track & Trace and Excursion Monitoring
  • Asset Confidence  - Visibility, Traceability, and Control
  • Productivity: Increase Turns, Reduce Cycle Time, Decrease Labor
  • Power BI Analytics Platform
Success Story Warehouse

Cold Chain

  • Leading US Quick Service Restaurant Chain
Business Challenge:
  • Food Freshness
  • Visibility from Grower to Store
  • Store Inventory Waste
  • GS1 Compliant UHF Label at Source,  Serialized ID, Lot Code, Use by Date
  • CTE: Grower Ship > DC Receive - Store -DC Ship  > Restaurant Delivery 
  • Restaurant Receipt and Storage Room/Cooler  Management -  cycle count, rotation, Waste/Spoilage, Link to Menu items, Consumption Waste Analytics, Demand Planning
  • SaaS Mobile App & Web Portal: for Track & Track and Power BI Analytics
  • Confidence - Visibility, Traceability, Recall Support
  • Improved Productivity In Store Labor
  • Reduced Waste/Spoilage
Cold Chain Success Story