Harvest to Home
Direct to Consumer
Show your consumers how a product got to its destination and where it came from.
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Harvest to Home

Complete | End-to-End | Connected
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Make a Digital Twin
Transform unique physical product attributes into a cloud-based IoT platform

Looking to create an authentic brand experience? Digitization allows the ability to provide a complete end-to-end brand experience and creates a wide array of opportunities to provide value to your customers.

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Know Where It Is
Get real time data from harvest to home

Consumers crave complete transparency. You can now tell them where the product came from and how it got there. This complete origin to destination view, delivers a unique story for each product purchased.

harvest to home real time data
Secure Your Fresh Offerings
Monitor, collect and analyze data elements for sensitive products

Whether it is temperature verification, humidity tracking, moisture calibration, or custom benchmarking of your sensitive product, our art sensors and proprietary technology allows you to consistently provide your customer their own unique brand experience.

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Empower Consumer Transparency
Consumers demand correct and verifiable information more than ever

PLM TrustLink gives you a dashboard of relevant and reliable information at the product level, revealing trends that drive fresh food sales, and delivers a transparent and trusted buying experience.

Empower consumers with app on tablet
Offer Sustainability Insights and More
Highlight freshness integrity and share knowledge

Connect with and educate your consumers about what’s important to them, including what’s in their food and where it came from. PLM Trustlink gives you unique ways to share important information like sourcing relationships, food waste prevention efforts, and more.

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