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PLM TrustLink™ and Identiv Announce Partnership

Feb 11, 2022

PLM TrustLink™ and Identiv are partnering to offer exciting new solutions for real-time monitoring food product cases, pallets and shipments. PLM TrustLink continues its commitment to the food supply chain through its award-winning SaaS platform, delivering increased transparency, traceability, and trust for consumers, regulators, and business.  PLM TrustLink enabled by Identiv’s uTrust Sense Temperature Tracker and UHF RFID portfolio, including its GenDipole and Sawblade inlays, offers unique markers to digitize the food supply chain process.  

From origin to destination, PLM’s customers know where their product came from, how it got there and where it is going in real time throughout the product’s journey. Customer benefits are cost savings, waste reduction and trackable assurances for food quality safety.

 “The partnership with Identiv is paramount in our value in creating the tracking, traceability and trust our customers seek within the food supply chain”, said Brian Wood, Director of Sales, PLM TrustLink™. “Our software platform delivers specific product identification information to all stakeholders, both inside and outside their four walls and the relationship we have with Identiv significantly enhances that deliverable”.

“Identiv has strategically partnered with PLM Trustlink, bringing forth best-in-class sensor and inlay designs powering an end-to-end solution for the cold chain segment,” said Amir Khoshniyati, Identiv VP and GM, Transponder Business. “Real-time tracking and IoT-enabled datalogging is a continuous requirement within the Cold chain and our joint solutions provide consumers the assurance to verify their perishables journey while bringing trust and transparency.

About PLM TrustLink™

PLM TrustLink™ is a division of PLM Fleet, LLC.  Headquartered in Newark, NJ with locations across the USA, PLM Fleet, LLC is owned by Marubeni Corporation and Mizuho Leasing which operate entities across the globe.  PLM Fleet, LLC is the largest nationwide company offering technology and financial solutions for the temperature sensitive supply chain.  PLM’s asset management and cloud-based data technology platform focus is on creating flexible and client-specific temperature-controlled solutions to reduce cost and drive productivity throughout the complete supply chain.

About Identiv  

Identiv, Inc. is a global leader in digitally securing the physical world. Identiv’s platform encompasses RFID and NFC, cybersecurity, and the full spectrum of physical access, video, and audio security. Identiv is a publicly traded company, and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC in the U.S. under the symbol “INVE.” For more information, visit