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Murli Ram To Speak During GS1's Free Webinar

Oct 1, 2021

 PLM TrustLink's Murli Ram will be speaking during the GS1 US free webinar on October 14th, 2021 at 1:00pm EDT. The webinar will feature information on how GS1 can enhance your barcodes.


About GS1:

The GS1 barcode launched a digital revolution that forever changed the way the world does business. With a simple scan a product could be identified and connected to a computerized system.

The webinar will feature individuals who are experts in product management and development to help companies correctly identify and sell their products. GS1 empowers industry’s digital transformation by enabling businesses to create a digital version of a product that is as good as the physical one. Ultimately, consumers and patients will benefit from increased product transparency and the seamless experiences that this brings.

For more information and Webinar Registration - Zoom