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Don Durm To Speak During the Engage Again & Tyre Expo Virtual Conference

Jul 22, 2021


 PLM's Don Durm will be speaking during the Engage Again & Tyre Expo virtual conference on September 8th-9th 2021. Don's speaking session will be Thursday, September 9th at 8:45am EDT.Don Durm




About Engage Again:

The AIM Track and Trace Industry Group is dedicated to educate and promote the adoption of automatic identification strategies designed to support global compliance of regulations related to product traceability across all vertical markets.

Come listen to panel discuss the topics we address, challenges in the industry and our groups work output Questions like the following: 1. Rapidly shifting consumer preferences. Consumers demand rapid access to reliable and relevant information whenever they want it. There is also an increasing level of discomfort regarding product recalls. Their confidence is fragile. And then there is the power of social networks which cannot be overlooked. 2. There are many overlapping and conflicting demands from national regulators around the world. Different regulations on allergens, trace elements, pesticides and more. Global sourcing means that time zones play a significant role in response times. Food fraud and market substitution for economic gain is also a global challenge. 3. Another challenge is the lack of unifying requirements. Current internal systems do not provide a means for reliable and rapid response to trace back data across the food chain. Additionally, data can be difficult to analyze into relevant decision-making formats. 4. Traceability varies by industry and product. In exploring the numerous implementation projects involving traceability, there are a number of consistent principles that we have observed.

The conference will feature individuals who are experts in cutting edge traceability and supply chain strategies that demonstrate best practices with a ROI to help you succeed.

Event registration includes all events and exhibit hall participation for 8 – 9 September 2021. Complete details and to register can be found on the Engage Again & Tyre Expo website.