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PLMTrustLink™ Becomes a GS1 US Solution Partner

Jun 8, 2021

Joins Network of Companies Certified to Help Businesses Implement GS1 Standards

Newark, NJ, June 2021 – PLM TrustLink™ has become a silver level member of the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a designation signifying a commitment to delivering services and solutions that enable quick, efficient and accurate GS1 Standards implementation.

GS1 US® is an information standards organization that brings industry communities together to improve supply-chain business processes through the adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards. The GS1 System of Standards, the most widely used information standards in the world, uniquely identify products, services, assets, and locations worldwide to support supply chain visibility and efficiency. The GS1 US Solution Partner Program facilitates the implementation of GS1 Standards by connecting users with solution providers that have proven standards expertise.

PLM Fleet has been the premier fleet solution provider of the connected temperature-controlled transport asset industry since 1972. With its experience and expertise as a cold chain solution provider, PLM has developed and introduced the PLM TrustLinkTM solution for food, pharmaceutical, warehouse and logistics supply chain to enable digitizing products, capture critical tracking events, product attributes and condition monitoring from  origination to consumption to meet consumer and regulator demands.  

“Becoming a GS1 US Solution Partner gives us a competitive advantage,” said Don Durm, Vice-President of Customer Solutions.  “After completing the GS1 training program, our experts are ready to offer guidance and support to customers implementing GS1 Standards along with the PLM TrustLinkTM solution. PLM TrustLinkTM provides complete end-to-end visibility of products in food and pharmaceuticals throughout the entire cold chain ecosystem, and that brings a whole host of value opportunities”.

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PLM Trustlink’s Don Durm and Murli Ram will be speaking at the 2021 GS1 Connect Conference on GS1 Digital link. They will propose FSMA 204 Rule on enhanced food traceability, available June 8th. How to make a Connection, and find out more about PLM TrustLink™ Supply Chain Management Solutions:

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